Costa Rica and Playa Dominical are known worldwide for its beautiful beaches perfect for surfing. It is a fun sport to learn. Our surf school makes sure that you learn the basics of surfing in a smooth and safe way.

You can choose from a one-day surf lesson to a multi day surf camp. The surf lessons are two hours long and are given according to the tides. On the introductory surf lesson you will learn the basics of surfing such as standing, paddling, turning, tides as well as ocean awareness and surf ethics.

We offer private lessons as well as group lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. You can also combine the surf lessons with other adventure expeditions and design your own surf camp. Certified and experienced instructors. Lesson includes: surfboard, rash guard, snack (fruits and refreshments) and professional instructors.

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Advanced Surf Clinic

Do you want to put more power and speed in your turns? Get some tubes and airs? A top surf coach will take you out and share knowledge.

This coaching is aimed at surfers looking to advance their surfing techniques. It will enable you as an aspiring rider to get more out of your surfing and up your performance in the water. The lessons are 2 hours long in the line up.

Beginner Surf Lessons

First time surfer? No worries! Come join the ocean and have a beginner lesson, in which you are guaranteed to stand and ride a wave.

The lessons are 2 hours long and consist of about 15 minutes spent on the beach, where your instructor will go over the basic fundamentals necessary to get up properly on your surfboard and ride a wave, as well as the safe ways to do it; the rest of the time is spent in the ocean catching white water waves with your surf coach.

Intermediate Surf Lessons

You succeeded on the white water! Now you are ready to paddle to the line up and ride the green waves.

The lessons are 2 hours long and consist of 15 minutes on the beach reviewing and practicing the fundamentals; the rest of the time is spent in the ocean catching green waves. On this stage the training needs to be more personalized.

Your instructor will take you out and share tips. The intermediate lesson will also be complemented with information about the swells, tides and surf ethics.