In all cases, remember that YOUR PERSONAL acceptable level of risk is something Dominical Adventures sales staff and guides cannot decide for you. If you are uncomfortable about a risk or danger, you MUST tell your guide before committing to an activity, which is beyond your willingness to take risk or injury.

KAYAKING, SURFING and RAFTING: These sports often end up with tumbles, bumps, bruises, and occasionally broking bones. Please let your Dominical Adventures leader know the TRUTH about how you feel, how much experience you have, and how comfortable you are with the risk. Your Dominical Adventures leader will explain the options, which include canceling altogether if you are not sure this is what you want to do, and give you some rudimentary instruction. While guides are first aid competent, we want to avoid using the First-aid skills, which means avoiding going beyond your capabilities.

WHITE WATER RAFTING: Rafting requires moderate upper body strength, good balance, and the ability to work as a team. It is possible that some people will fall out of the raft, and it is possible that participants will get bruised, swallow a bit of river water, and generally get tossed about. This is part of the fun of rafting. Your raft guide will brief you on safety procedures, but you should be aware before committing to a raft trip that it is not unusual for people to fall out of the raft and sustain (minor) injuries.


While Dominical Adventures avoids unnecessary risk, there is nonetheless risk involved. Dominical Adventures and Montañas y Arrecifes S.P.A S.A. have advised me that there are risks and danger involved in participating in their adventure expedition. The danger include possible injury or death caused by any of the activities provided including but not limited to: hiking, biking and driving on and public roads, ascending on ropes and harnesses into trees, structures, natural formations or anchor points, rappelling, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, white water rafting, rubber duckies, kayaking, tubing, rock and hill climbing, insect and snacks bites, animal bites, sailing, power boating, food poisoning, canopy, horseback riding, hiking on or near volcanoes, fishing, windsurfing and surfing. I participate in these activities of my own free will, recognize that the element of risk is a necessary part of the enjoyment of this trip, and I do not hold Dominical Adventures and Montañas y Arrecifes S.P.A S.A. responsible for my safety beyond normal due care. By joining this trip, I acknowledge that I have been informed of this risk.

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